Planting Freesia Corms – Information On Growing Freesia Flowers

By Heather Rhoades

Image by Melissa Wiese

Many people have seen freesia in flower arrangements but not that many know that freesia can be grown in the garden as an annual. Keep reading for more information on growing freesia flowers.

Care of Freesia Plants

Freesias are technically a perennial. The problem is that in order to get them to bloom again, the corms of the plant must be kept in very specific conditions. These conditions are that first it must be stored for 3-4 months at 85 F. (29 C.) and with a humidity of 80%. After this, the corms are planted and put through several weeks of gradually lower temperatures, after which the temperature is then raised again.

This process mimics the seasonal changes in South Africa, which is where freesia is native to. But even if you are unable to store your corms like this (don’t worry, most people can’t), they are just as much of a joy to have in the garden as an annual.

How to Grow Freesias

Freesia is actually a part of the Iris family. The corms will produce a plant with many branches that are each tipped with tubular shaped, scented flowers. There are both single and double blossom flowers.

Growing freesia flowers perform best in fertile, slightly sandy soil that is kept moist but not wet. The plants also prefer full sun.

If you would like your freesia to bloom in the spring, planting freesia corms takes places in the fall. If you would like your freesia flowers to bloom in the summer, plant them in the spring. Many people prefer planting freesia corms in containers rather than in the ground.

Propagation of freesias can be difficult but they can be propagated by either seeds sown at 55 F. to 64 F. (12-17 C.) in the fall or winter or by removing any offshoots from the corms and planting those.

As we said earlier, freesia are perennials that are mostly grown as annuals, but don’t let this turn you off to them. The corms are very cheap and are worth it in your garden for both the blooms and the fragrance.